The Dolph Lundgren scholarship

The Dolph Lundgren Scholarship has been created to inspire students at the Ã…dalsskolan high scool in Kramfors, Sweden, to strive for top grades. Dolph Lundgren was the first student in the school's history that achieved top grades in all subjects, so it came naturally to ask Dolph to let the scholarship be named after him. The  scholarship has been created by the non-profit organization Pelaren (the Pillar, a name chosen as a pillar is supporting things, which is exactly what the Pillar wants to do). A number of Kramfors companies contribute to the Pillar's activities.

The Scholarship logotype is a crow student wearing the Swedish high school graduate cap and stick. The crow is part of the coat of arms of the city of Kramfors, and is a bird that is known to be smart and cooperative.

In 2009, the scholarship was be presented for the first time, and the winning scholar received the scholarship from the hands of  Dolph Lundgren.


2009   Daniel Agrell
2010   Camilla Bergman
2011   Frida Larsson